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My beautiful student and friend, Priscilla G. from Paris has written to remind me to publish about the time to receive the Wealth God for the Chinese New Year.

There are two options of dates:

Choose a time to use that is not clashing with your birth year.

If you wish to use January 28th, Yi Mao day, the Wealth God is in the East. Auspicious time for this day will be Zi hour and Yin hour.

(There will be no clashing of Tai Shui on this Mao day due to the Ding You year does not begin after the Coming of Spring on February 3rd.)

February 1st is the Wealth God's birthday and he will be in the South on that day. The auspicious time will be Yin hour, Si hour, Shen hour, Xu hour and Hai hour.

What to do:

Line a small tray with red paper or red table cloth.

Arrange some fresh fruits, sweets, flowers, incense and/or candles on the tray.

At the chosen hour, take the tray to your main door, balcony, the front or back garden.

Facing to the direction of the Wealth God and respectfully making the invitation to bless your house.

Remember, it is your humble and sincere “Will Power” that is the most important key, all the offerings on the tray are only a secondary symbolic gesture!

I wish you a healthy, happy, productive and prosperous Chinese New Year to come!

Lots of love,


Out there …. Indian Ocean
January 19th, 2017

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Mimi Moorhouse  曾美薇
December 31st, 2016 丙申年冬
Rodriguze Island, Indian Ocean

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